Cambium Networks C000000L048A cnPilot R201 802.11ac Dual Band Router (ATA) VoIP Gateway 4-port and 2 phone ports

Cambium Networks C000000L048A cnPilot R201 802.11ac Dual Band Router (ATA) VoIP Gateway 4-port and 2 phone ports

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Product Description

cnPilot Home & Small Business is a suite of 802.11ac and 802.11n home Wi-Fi network access points supported by cnMaestro to provide end-to-end lifecycle administration, remote configuration, monitoring, and upgrades. With cnPilot Wi-Fi access points and cnMaestro management, customer satisfaction increases while network administration and maintenance costs decrease.

Simplifying in-home Wi-Fi

Cloud-controlled cnPilot routers simplify ISP roll out of indoor home Wi-Fi. The router incorporates 3 additional functions in one package: Wi-Fi, an ATA to connect telephone and fax, and PoE out for powering up Cambium’s CPEs (subscriber modules).

Remote secure management via cnMaestro controller features monitoring, configuration management, and integrated troubleshooting across Wi-Fi, client devices and Cambium backhaul (when present), reducing the total cost of network ownership (TCO).

Simplyfing the network

Extending the service provider’s indoor reach and streamlining components for a simplified indoor network. Versatile multi-function WLAN access points, offering remote visibility and end-to-end troubleshooting, extend the service provider’s indoor reach.

See the Cambium Wi-Fi Difference

  • Cloud or On-Premises management
    Flexible architecture lets you manage the network the way you want.
  • Remote Configuration
    Modules can be remotely configured, monitored, and upgraded.


Cloud Management

Backed by Cambium’s cnMaestro cloud manager offering end-to-end visibility of the network and customer devices.

  • Out-of-the box zero touch onboarding
  • Stateful alarms and dashboard views
  • Multiple management options available including cloud-based, TR-069, SNMP and an enriched set of RESTful interfaces

Highly Integrated

The WLAN routers simplify the indoor home network-combing in one box commonly needed functions often put together from different manufacturers.

End-to-End Troubleshooting

Single dashboard view and rich statistics ensure rapid root cause detection and issue resolution.

  • One-click functionality reveals the health of all network nodes related to the problem area
  • Troubleshoot end user client connectivity on any WLAN from a single console
  • No truck roll required to debug wired or wireless connectivity configurations

Multiple SSIDs and Service Provider (community) SSID’s

Enables service providers to offer SSIDs across their network as users travel from home, to outdoor public hotspot and to local business / small enterprise or campus. This allows network operators to promote their brand throughout their customers’ daily journeys.

Adaptive Wi-Fi Architecture:

A variety of access architectures have evolved over two decades of increasing Wi-Fi use within organizations. Some have been driven by product limitations; others have been created to meet security or regulatory requirements.

Among the many questions that arise during network design, administrators need to address the following:

  • Management – Will the operation benefit more from a cloud-based or on-premises management system?
  • Traffic separation – Are the organization’s requirements best served by local breakout of Wi-Fi traffic, or the extra separation of traffic made possible by tunneling user data to a controller?

Many vendors’ solutions lock administrators in to a particular deployment model or network traffic distribution system, but Cambium Networks believes that Wi-Fi network design should conform to the organization’s needs, not the other way around.

Cambium Networks cnPilot’s Adaptive Wi-Fi architecture enables Wi-Fi integration with existing wired network infrastructure and the cnMaestro™ management system provides scalable, flexible management in addition to Wi-Fi controller features.

The Key Architectural Choices Are:

  • Where does your user data traffic go? The Wi-Fi AP can bridge it onto Ethernet (also known as local break out). Another option is to tunnel it over an IP-based protocol to a tunnel terminator, which can be a wireless controller or a different third party concentrator.
  • Where does your Wi-Fi controller and management system run? Some organizations prefer the convenience of a vendor operated cloud-based management system. Others prefer in-house operation – usually with controllers that can manage tens of thousands of access points. For very small deployments, it can make most sense to configure an AP to perform the duties of a controller.

Regardless of your requirements, cnPilot and cnMaestro offer customizable options for a complete Wi-Fi solution that meets your needs.

cnMaestro Cloud

Zero-touch deployment and Cloud-based management lets you easily deploy and control even large networks without requiring an IT team. Cambium operates cnMaestro™ in the cloud, scaling easily to thousands of devices – at no cost to you. The Cambium cloud is a highly redundant system with servers across the globe to ensure high uptime, with a secure HTTPS channel dedicated to communication between Wi-Fi APs and the cloud. cnMaestro™ advanced controller features include scalable guest access and remote login, allowing you to access your management console from anywhere in the world without having to VPN into your organization’s internal network.

cnMaestro On-Premises

Organizations may choose on-premises management for a variety of reasons. Regulatory or security requirements, or simply preference for in-house management solutions may limit cloud-based control capability. cnMaestro on-premises management is perfect for such organizations, providing the same set of features as cnMaestro cloud management in a virtual appliance package.

cnMaestro on-premises can also terminate data traffic tunneled from cnPilot APs over a tunnel and bridge it out over an isolated VLAN. This is useful if, for instance, you never want to bridge guest traffic at the edge of your internal network.


cnPilot Autopilot

For very small deployments that will not use cloud-based management, cnMaestro on-premises may be impractical for just a few APs. In that case, cnPilot Autopilot lets you designate and configure a master AP to perform double duty as a wireless controller for up to 32 other APs in addition to providing normal Wi-Fi service. All monitoring and configuration can be done from the master AP’s UI.

cnPilot and cnMaestro solutions from Cambium Networks make it easy for network administrators to design reliable, efficient connectivity solutions that scale and migrate easily to other architectures according to demand.

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